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Reduce Child Poverty

As measured by the percentage of the county’s children living in households that are below the poverty line

Why Is This Important?
Metric Definition

To determine a person's poverty status, one compares the person’s total family income in the last 12 months with the poverty threshold appropriate for that person's family size and composition. If a family’s total income is less than the dollar value of the appropriate threshold, then that family and every individual in it are considered to be in poverty.

Data source: U.S. Census Bureau - American Community Survey


The overall child poverty rate in the county has declined from 2015 to 2019, however there has been a large discrepancy between the overall child poverty rate and the rate for the Black or African American demographic.

Current Status

To help reduce child poverty, Oakland County will convene non-profits, service organizations, faith leaders, school officials and other leaders whose organizations’ missions are to address the immediate needs of children in poverty. Their goal will be to assess the current resources available and identify gaps, focusing on our most vulnerable children. There is no single solution to reducing poverty. The county will also convene partners from the business community to work together to develop strategies focused on reducing child poverty in Oakland County and Southeast Michigan. 

Learn More

For more information on programs and services to address child poverty, visit the Oakland County Health Division.

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