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Reduce County Government Emissions and Energy Use

As measured by the metric tonnes of CO2e from energy consumption, whether from electricity, heating, or vehicle fuel. CO2e is the carbon dioxide equivalent allowing multiple fuel sources to be converted to CO2.    

Why Is This Important?

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through strategies to reduce energy use and conversion to renewable energy systems improves overall air quality and reduces overall environmental harm, saves money, and positions County government to lead by example.


Metric Definition

Calculated as the total reduction of greenhouse gas emissions for Oakland County facilities and operations.

Data Source: Utility data and fuel use consumption from 5 sectors: Buildings & Facilities, Vehicle Fleet, Solid Waste Facilities, Wastewater Facilities, and Fugitive Emissions.



The total emissions for baseline year 2018 was 56,411 metric tonnes (MT) CO2e. The County has set a target to achieve net zero emissions for County government operations by 2050 with an interim target of 50% emissions reduction by 2035. 

Current Status

In 2022, the County secured 75% renewable electrical energy supply (solar) at a fixed rate through a 10-year Renewable Electric Supply Agreement. Starting in 2026, this commitment will help reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 40%. The Facilities Management department has also recently completed work on installing the county’s first solar panels on campus. Utilizing renewable energy opportunities will help the county reduce emissions by limiting our need for energy from the grid.

Learn More

To learn more about the Campus Sustainability plan, visit the Oakland County Sustainability website. This plan provides a roadmap to advance sustainability in county operations and facilities, as well ensure that Oakland County properties are equitable and welcoming places to conduce government business. 

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