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Increase Access to Health Care

As measured by the percentage of residents reporting that they had no access to health care due to cost.

Why Is This Important?

Access to quality, affordable health leads to better health outcomes for our residents, but over a quarter of a million residents face challenges to access. 59,920 people are uninsured, 149,664 are on Medicaid, and 43,235 individuals have enrolled in the Health Insurance Marketplace, meaning they may be unable to afford healthcare or find appropriate providers. 

Metric Definition

Percentage is reported as a 3-year rolling average.  

Data source: Michigan Behavioral Risk Factor Survey (MiBRFS) asked residents “Was there a time in the past 12 months when you needed to see a doctor but could not because of cost?”

Current Status

Oakland County Health Division recognized a need for increased services for residents and coordination among community agencies and created Health 360. This partnership with Honor Community Health has integrated primary care and family planning under one roof at Oakland County Health Division offices in Pontiac and Southfield. Oakland Livingston Human Services Agency (OLHSA) will be incorporated into the partnership in 2022 to provide resource navigation and help with social services.

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