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As measured by the county’s net migration

Why Is This Important?
Oakland County seeks to be a destination of choice for everyone whether they live in another part of Michigan, another state, or another country. The diversity of our citizens strengthens the fabric of our communities. At the direction of the Board of Commissioners and the County Executive, Oakland County is seeking accreditation as a Welcoming County for refugees and immigrants who come to our county in pursuit of brighter opportunities.
Metric Definition

Net migration is the difference between the number of people who move into and out of Oakland County in a given year. Net migration is negative when the number of people moving out of an area exceeds the number of people moving into an area.

Net domestic migration is derived from the household and group quarter locations sampled in the American Community Survey (ACS) and the responses to the migration questions on the questionnaire. The flow estimates resemble the annual number of movers between counties for the 5-year period data was collected.

Net international migration is not tracked by the ACS, so foreign born population change in the county was used as a proxy.

Data source: U.S. Census Bureau- American Community Survey

Current Status
Welcoming Oakland's roadmap for the county includes participation in Resilience and Emergency Management for Inclusive Communities seminars; working to fill food security needs in immigrant communities; translation assistance; and connecting immigrants in need with much-needed services available in the county.
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For more information on Welcoming Oakland and past Welcoming Week events visit the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.


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