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Reduce the Likelihood of Juveniles Reentering the System

As measured by the percentage of juveniles released from Children’s Village who are no longer assessed as “high risk” for engaging in criminal behavior

Why Is This Important?
Metric Definition

Youth receive an overall score of high, moderate, or low risk at the beginning of treatment and again after the completion of treatment. The data shows individuals no longer considered "high risk" after treatment. 

Data source: Children’s Village - Michigan Juvenile Justice Assessment System (MJJAS)


The percentage of juveniles released from Children's Village who are no longer assessed as "high risk" for committing crimes has averaged about 88% over the last five years. 

Current Status

Children’s Village experienced a significant drop in population during the COVID-19 pandemic. While tragic, the pandemic has provided an opportunity for the juvenile justice system within Oakland County to explore expanding the use of community-based options in lieu of detention when safe and appropriate to do so.

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