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Increase Business Investment

As measured by annual investment of companies in the county

Why Is This Important?
A thriving economy attracts more businesses and individuals from diverse backgrounds to locate in Oakland County. This leads to future prosperity, reduces persistent wealth inequities, enhances essential goods and services like healthcare and food, and strengthens our education system.
Metric Definition

Dollars invested and jobs retained/created are estimates that companies report at the start of the project and may not represent what has actually occurred. Data is reported only for county business attraction and retention projects and does not represent all business investment. 

Data source: Oakland County Economic Development department.

Current Status
Maintaining a strong base of existing companies in Oakland County is the foundation of any economic development program. The Oakland County economic development team is meeting with hundreds of businesses per year to help connect them with resources and partners that can assist in their expansion and growth. Additionally, an important component of this effort is helping existing businesses to incorporate Industry 4.0 technologies into their organization and production processes.
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For more information on the programs and services offered by the Economic Development office, visit Advantage Oakland.


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